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Welcome to the official comp.lang.tcl contributed sources archive!

The website for this archive is

The Tcl contributed sources archive is maintained by NeoSoft as one of
our pro-bono efforts towards our overall mission of helping
people communicate and share information.

We would like to praise Sam Kimery, the former archive administrator,
for long and dedicated service to the cause.

The Tcl contributed sources archive at has been
mirrored at NeoSoft for a long time.  A copy of that archive can
be found in the "alcatel" directory below.

The FTP archive for the releases of Tcl coming from John Ousterhout
and crew at Sun Microsystems,, are mirrored here as well.

We've shuffled the neosoft stuff under a neosoft directory.

The NeoSoft Webteam ( will handle the day-to-day management
of the archive.


Karl Lehenbauer
NeoSoft, Inc.